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Updated design

Last night I decided that it was time to change my design on this blog. A few hours of trial and error etc later I’m satisfied with this. Sometimes I really do hate wordpress.com for only having about 200 themes to choose from, and limited abilities to customize it. I prefer sites lite tumblr, weebly or wix for creating websites, although I do like all the other features that wordpress provides.

Enough talking, I hope you like it!

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After about two hours of try and error, I have finally made this site look at least kinda pretty. I’m a newbie to wordpress, so I have to learn where everything is and how it works. But it’s a start now, at least!

I wanted to create a blog because I miss writing. I’ve had a few other blogs through the years and generally I loose interest after a few weeks or months. This time I have no expectations on myself, which should hopefully keep my interest going. I hope you want to read what I’ll be writing, and that I’m interesting enough, haha!

At first I though about only making it a DIY/crafts blog, but I figured that would make it pretty boring. So instead, it will be about everything and nothing. However, I’ll probably post a lot of DIY things anyway since I like doing it, and I want to start getting active on Pinterest, which is my new drug. Lots of inspiration on that page! I’ll also post things about school, art projects, my life in general, my awesome boyfriend, and anything else I find interesting enough to post.

Now I shall stop talking, for now. You’ll see me soon, if you decide to stick around! 🙂


See ya!

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