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Here’s a video of my friend’s competition yesterday. Her pony is really young and inexperienced, so I think they made an awesome job! It had been raining right before, meaning everyone crowded into the “riding house” (Haha my English vocabulary lacks a bit) and the pony got a bit overly excited. You can spot me with the camera in the beginning, doing my duty and taking some photographs of the equipage. 🙂

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I’m back!

Sorry that I haven’t been posting for two days. I’ve been busy! Yesterday I got to drive quite some distance (almost 70km in one go!), we had guests and then I was off to a friend. Today, I’ve been grooming for said friend (In other words, I helped her out some when she competed her pony today), had another long drive and rode my own horse! 🙂 I’m really tired, so I will post about our jumping tomorrow. I actually got some footage so I’ll post that too.

So, I’m alive and well, and will get back properly tomorrow. See ya!


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