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Inspiration or copycat?

I think it’s fun with fashion. I’m not some super fashionista-“Always-look-fabulous” kind of guy, but I do enjoy to dress up and look nice. I also think it’s so much fun to look at fashion, no matter male or female. But one thing I often get annoyed by, is the constant debate about copycatting.

In my opinion, it’s hard to be a copycat. A copy is a perfect clone of another person’s outfit, in my view. If you take inspiration from certain garments or wear the same shirt once, that’s not copycatting. Let me give you an example.


Here we have Jennifer Lopez and Brooklyn Decker sporting the very same Michael Kors dress. This is what I would classify as a copycat, because they both wear the exact same dress, pretty much in the exact same way.

Here we see Demi Moore and Ciara. How about this then? Well, I don’t think this is copycatting. It’s not the same dress, although they are similar. They’re also styling it differently. This is taking inspiration from another, but in my view this is not copycatting.

What makes me irritated is that people seem so see inspiration as something bad. Why’s that? In the end, if we don’t make all of our clothes ourselves, we have to buy from brands. We have to be in some way or another influenced from what other people think about fashion, because they’re the ones creating it. Plus, how fun isn’t it to look what others are wearing, thinking about what you like and how you could incorporate that into your own style? I’m a frequent drooler on the pinterest “men’s fashion” category, and I have no shame in that. So many men clothes that I would have nothing against having in my closet! What’s wrong with that?

And if you, just as me, is stuck to just look at fashion but can in no way afford it, I have two things to say:

1. Pretty much no-one can afford the stuff walking on runways. However, there are cheaper brands that take inspiration from the runways, or you can ofc DIY!

2. No one wears the stuff that actually goes down the runway, I mean they’re SO unrealistic and avant garde that no-one could ever wea-


What I wanted to say, long story short, is that there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from the runway, celebrities or just ordinary people. You can pretty much never copycat anyone unless you do it intentionally, so stop worrying and go WILD with your fashion!

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DIY Idea

A few days ago I found this really simple but cool looking DIY idea. It’s written in both Spanish and English so most people will understand it! Lucky me managed to find a grey t-shirt the other day hidden in my closet, that got a very similar makeover… I haven’t ironed it yet, but I’ll post the results as soon as I can. In the mean time, check out the original tutorial 😀

Photo from the tutorial page. 

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Upcoming DIYs

I know I hinted about some DIYs the other day. I’m still not finished with them, but I will say that they include studs, fabric paint, jewelry, chains, the US flag, and paper clips. To name a few things. Are you excited? 😀

I also wanted to share one of my Pinterest boards. It’s a mix board called “Things for the future”. I pin pretty much everything that I want to do, great household tips, DIY inspiration, interior and a shit load of other things. Check it out here –> Things for the future

fill balloon w/ water, drop a light stick in it, put it all in a white stocking and hang from tree branches, ceilings. found at Yanko design


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Cord pimp DIY

A few days ago I saw this great little project on one of my favorite blogs, I spy DIY. It got me inspired, and yesterday I did my own version. I think it’s an awesome way to brighten up your day, a pop of color. Plus, in my case it also saved my cord which is starting to fall apart.


So you start with a cord of your choice. I decided to pimp my iPhone charger.


Get yourself some tape, and a pair of scissors. I only had electric tape, but I’d say it doesn’t really matter what kind of tape you choose as long as it’s well, tape.


How hard could it be? Just wrap it around your cord in some kind of pattern or something. I decided to do it in this way, but that’s just my cord. Let your own imagination flow on this one.


And just like that, you’re done! Took me about 20 min, and the result is fun, and practical. Great little project, in other words.




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Necklace DIY


As mentioned, I’m addicted to Pinterest. The site offers some great DIY ideas, among a ton of other things. I personally love jewelry, and after seeing a few cool ideas I decided to put myself into action. It’s super easy, but time consuming, so you’ll need quite some patience for this!

I started off with getting some of those little disks you have between the surface and the screw when you, well, screw things. I had some laying around, but if you don’t I’m sure they’re pretty cheap at a handyman’s store. I also found some thread in different colors. I would recommend you to use yarn instead, which is a bit thicker, because with ordinary thread it took FOREVER. Just a little tip.


The actual principle is super easy. You just cut a long piece of thread, knot it and start to twine it. When you run out of thread, just tie it together with a new one and keep on going. I was messy and just wrapped it around, using enough thread so that eventually everything was covered. You could be more precise and just use one layer all the way around, but then you have to have a lot of patience. With my way of doing it, each disk took about 2-3 episodes of Criminal Minds to complete (Yes, that is a valid way to measure time, shush!).

Once you’re satisfied with the result, tie it together and use some clear nail polish to seal the knot. When you’re finished with the disks you want, tie them together somehow (use your imagination) and then loop a necklace through the top one. Done!


I suppose you could do different designs or bracelets with the same principle, just go with what you want to do! It takes time and effort, but it’s a cheap craft with a great result.

Easy peasy squeeze the lemon! 😀



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