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Inspiration or copycat?

I think it’s fun with fashion. I’m not some super fashionista-“Always-look-fabulous” kind of guy, but I do enjoy to dress up and look nice. I also think it’s so much fun to look at fashion, no matter male or female. But one thing I often get annoyed by, is the constant debate about copycatting.

In my opinion, it’s hard to be a copycat. A copy is a perfect clone of another person’s outfit, in my view. If you take inspiration from certain garments or wear the same shirt once, that’s not copycatting. Let me give you an example.


Here we have Jennifer Lopez and Brooklyn Decker sporting the very same Michael Kors dress. This is what I would classify as a copycat, because they both wear the exact same dress, pretty much in the exact same way.

Here we see Demi Moore and Ciara. How about this then? Well, I don’t think this is copycatting. It’s not the same dress, although they are similar. They’re also styling it differently. This is taking inspiration from another, but in my view this is not copycatting.

What makes me irritated is that people seem so see inspiration as something bad. Why’s that? In the end, if we don’t make all of our clothes ourselves, we have to buy from brands. We have to be in some way or another influenced from what other people think about fashion, because they’re the ones creating it. Plus, how fun isn’t it to look what others are wearing, thinking about what you like and how you could incorporate that into your own style? I’m a frequent drooler on the pinterest “men’s fashion” category, and I have no shame in that. So many men clothes that I would have nothing against having in my closet! What’s wrong with that?

And if you, just as me, is stuck to just look at fashion but can in no way afford it, I have two things to say:

1. Pretty much no-one can afford the stuff walking on runways. However, there are cheaper brands that take inspiration from the runways, or you can ofc DIY!

2. No one wears the stuff that actually goes down the runway, I mean they’re SO unrealistic and avant garde that no-one could ever wea-


What I wanted to say, long story short, is that there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from the runway, celebrities or just ordinary people. You can pretty much never copycat anyone unless you do it intentionally, so stop worrying and go WILD with your fashion!

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tumblr_mnb8rn3ioT1qizafuo10_1280 tumblr_mnb8rn3ioT1qizafuo6_1280 tumblr_mnbhukKj2L1qizafuo8_1280


These amazing pictures are from Adam’s gigs with Queen last summer. The photos belong to the photographer, do not remove the water marks. I think they’re absolutely amazing, both because of the man but also from a photographer’s pov. I’d love these as huge prints on my wall!

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Song of the day – Love wins over glamour

“Mah man” got to sing the official life ball song this year. (Which strangely enough was never released as a single…) It’s glam, it’s Adam and it’s so catchy!

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The best birthday gift…

I promised you guys to show the best gift I got for my birthday. I did get a lot of money (that said swosh right past me and ran into my license bills, haha!) but this one was very special to me. Not only did I get it from my fucking amazingly talented boyfriend (who drew it himself!), it’s also Adam. And I mean, hellooo. My man knows me very well, kay?

I got this both as a file (or 5 ;)) and also as an iPhone casing. Very special, and very, very awesome. Once again, Thank you my dearest Sebastian!



I also want to link you all to an awesome gift I got from a close friend of mine, Xia. I mean, how many peeps do you know who have their own fanfic, where they are included? IKR, like no-one. So go read it! –> A Plausible Explanation

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I can’t believe it


This is completely beyond my comprehension. I have never in my life gotten so much love, support and compliments in just a few hours. It’s really surreal to me. I’d like to call this the Adam Effect. He has thrown my world around yet again, just by being him and collecting this beautiful bunch of people into one big, wonderful Glamily. I’d like to thank everyone that has shared my post, and who has tweeted it to Adam. I’ve shared it with him once, I can’t do more self-promoting than that, but I really do appreciate it that people have been tweeting him the link. It would mean so much to me if he got to see it. I have no expectations, it was written purely as a self processing thing, but of course I’d be over the moon if he got to see at least a little peek at how much he means to me.

Thank you, everyone. I could never have gotten this kind of response in another fandom. Adam’s is the only one where I truly feel appreciated and loved, even by complete strangers, because Adam teaches people to love.

You know, he’s amazing like that.



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Overwhelmed – Thank you!

Last night I wrote that post about Adam. I always write emotional things in the middle of the night, that’s the best time for things like that. I time set it to post early this morning.

I really had no expected the amount of love and sharing this little post would generate. My twitter has EXPLODED, and so has the views on the blog. These snapshots are taken just moments ago, and they’re already up another 30 viewers. It just keeps on rolling, and it’s surreal to me.

whut whut2 whuut


Apart from just traffic, I’ve also received  so much love on twitter. This is all so insane to me, but I really, really appreciate it. I just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who’s sharing my post, it really does mean a lot to me. Adam truly brings people together, and this is all so overwhelming. Thank you!

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Mr. Adam Lambert

I’ve now had this blog for little over a week. It’s strange, blogging, but I kinda like it. One thing, or rather person, who has already had quite a lot of space here, is Adam Lambert. I thought I would give a little more explanation to why.

Almost two years ago, I was in some serious mess. My life was a turmoil and although I didn’t think far too much about it at the time, I was very down and had some really hard blows in my direction. Long story short, it wasn’t fun. At the time I was more of a rocker, didn’t admit to listening to anything outside my punk/rock scene, but was rather satisfied anyway. One day I heard this great tune on the radio. It wasn’t new, I’d heard it a million times before, but it was catchy at the time and I sang along to the radio. I decided that I wanted to hear it again, so I spent some time on youtube. I listened to it again and again, and it stuck. Guess three times which song it was.

Youtube has this great little feature that recommends other videos. I saw another one by this Lambert dude, called “For your entertainment”. I clicked it, and that was the seal of my faith. I was stuck. Staring at my screen, replaying, learning the lyrics, dancing, replaying some more. I started google:ing, reading more about this man. I listened to more of his music, found one song after one. Just a few weeks after first finding him, I was obsessed. I got myself a Twitter in September/October that year and after that it’s been a roller coaster ride, truly. I started out as a shy teenager with a love for a powerful singer. I’m now a confident, outgoing and happier man with an endless love and adoration for the most inspiring man in the world.

Adam has taught me so much about life. He’s taught me that the friends that are worth fighting for, are the ones that you should really take care of. The ones who really don’t do you any good are not worth spending time on. They’ll only take your time and energy, and it’s not worth it. He’s also taught me that it’s nothing bad to be friends with people that perhaps are a bit unexpected. Everything from someone that’s majorly different from yourself, to your ex. It’s your life, and you decide which people to keep. He’s taught me a lot about music, both purely educational things, but also how genres are boring, and that you should love whatever you want to love. There are no borders. He’s showed me some of the most amazing music, but also things I don’t like. That’s fine with me too. He’s taught me about theater, the music business, being famous, having fans and having a career. He’s shown sides of himself that few celebrities show, and I adore him for it. He’s taught me that the only way to make things happen, is to make them happen. Life’s all about taking opportunities, creating your own path and fight your own challenges. If you have a goal, you have to work for it.


Most importantly though, and the thing I adore the most about Adam, is the way the teaches people to love themselves. Myself included. Without him, I’m positive I wouldn’t feel this good about myself and who I am, how I look, etc. I know now, that I’m beautiful just the way I am. I don’t need to be perfect, I don’t need to care what others think about me. As long as I really am the person I am, I should be happy. Adam makes people feel loved. By him, by the other fans in the fandom, by the Glamily, and most importantly by yourself.

If I ever get to meet him, I just want to say one thing to him.

Thank you.


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Mr. Adam Lambert, his godson Riff Cherry and Riff’s godmother Alisan Porter. I think my heart just melted. (Yes, I’m sappy.)


Photo posted on Adam’s Instagram (@RealAdamLambert)


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Song of the day – Too many friends

I always say that my absolute favorites in terms of music; the ones that saved my life, are Adam Lambert, Green Day and Placebo. And the last mentioned just happens to have a new single. Which of course, is really awesome.

Give it a listen!

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Song of the day – American Girl

Bonnie McKee is a very successful american songwriter. She was worked with some seriously heavy names in her career. Now she’s released a new single, which you can watch below.

Included in the video is Tommy Lee, Katy Perry, Jenny McCarthy, Adam Lambert (My man!) , Carly Rae Jepsen, Ke$ha (my straight crush #1) , KISS, Macklemore, Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne (my straight crush #2) , Jason Derulo, Kathy Griffin, Karmin and Taio Cruz, to name a few. Check it out!

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