The best birthday gift…

I promised you guys to show the best gift I got for my birthday. I did get a lot of money (that said swosh right past me and ran into my license bills, haha!) but this one was very special to me. Not only did I get it from my fucking amazingly talented boyfriend (who drew it himself!), it’s also Adam. And I mean, hellooo. My man knows me very well, kay?

I got this both as a file (or 5 ;)) and also as an iPhone casing. Very special, and very, very awesome. Once again, Thank you my dearest Sebastian!



I also want to link you all to an awesome gift I got from a close friend of mine, Xia. I mean, how many peeps do you know who have their own fanfic, where they are included? IKR, like no-one. So go read it! –> A Plausible Explanation

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Bareback in the forest

Bareback sunset ride, and my soul is smiling.


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Updated design

Last night I decided that it was time to change my design on this blog. A few hours of trial and error etc later I’m satisfied with this. Sometimes I really do hate for only having about 200 themes to choose from, and limited abilities to customize it. I prefer sites lite tumblr, weebly or wix for creating websites, although I do like all the other features that wordpress provides.

Enough talking, I hope you like it!

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So just a few minutes ago I registered myself as a donor. This means that when I die, if my organs are in shape enough, they will be used to save others. I chose the option to allow both transplantation and scientific research.

To be honest, I’ve thought about this for quite some time, but wanted to wait until I was 18 to register. It was super easy, just fill in three little things and it will be fully registered and confirmed in a few weeks. I’m also planning on grabbing a little card and have in my wallet, to be extra sure. I think it’s a great thing! I mean, when I’m dead I have no use for my body, and I couldn’t care less if one organ was missing when I got cremated. (Yes I’m one of those people who wants my ashes spread) If one part of my body could be used to save someone else, I truly want that to happen.

What’s your opinion on the whole donation thing?

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The day after

Now I’m back to business!

Yesterday was so much fun. I got some awesome gifts (mostly money for my driver’s license) and had a lunch-party things with some relatives and a friend. Good food, awesome cake and a lot of champagne. The rest of the day was spent playing TP with the family and eating more cake. Long story short, I’m happy and content! I’ll post a picture of one of the pressies later on, because it deserves an entry to itself.

Today I slept half the day away (haha). Apart from that I’ve spent some time going through all our cooking books, trying to find some fun new recipes to try. I’ve never cooked vegetarian before so I need inspiration! (If you happen to have an awesome recipe, feel free to share!)

The time remaining of my summer break (a month) will be spent on the horses, getting my driver’s license, studying (I have a huge essay to write), cooking, DIYing and enjoying the sunshine, of course! I’ll get back to posting a bit more here again, but as you may have understood I’ve been a bit busy these last couple of days 😉

See ya soon!


(Look who’s popular, haha!)


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Happy Birthday to me!

Today I turn 18 years old, finally! Haha 😀 I won’t spend that much time by the computer today, as you may have guessed. I’ve already gotten some lovely gifts, a red rose and a bottle of champagne for breakfast, so I’m happy, haha! In a few hours some of my relatives and one of my best friends will get over for some celebrations, I may check in a short while after that.


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Black sheep


Another throwback picture, guess which one I am, haha! 😉



Today is a busy day. I turn 18 tomorrow (Which is SO surreal) and a few relatives and a friend of mine is coming over, so we have to clean the whole house today. I’m in charge of the top floor which I have for myself in this house, meaning my room, a guestroom, a bathroom and a big hallway. But I’m used, so this is not a problem, just takes time to clean. Besides that I’m also taking the day to groom myself. Dyeing my hair, tidying up eyebrows, fixing skin etc. Wanna look good for my birthday! 😉 I also have to iron my shirt for tomorrow.

Now I have to get back to cleaning, I’ll be back later 🙂

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Song of the day – Aicha

An old, beautiful and amazing song. I prefer the original version:

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Jumping record

Today I decided that it was time to jump my horse again. We set up a slightly different type of obstacle, that worked very well for both me and my horse. Within 5 jumps we were up to our previous height, and I decided to put it up a bit more. The end result was that we today jumped a meter! That is in my standards very, very high. I’m super happy because this is the highest I’ve ever jumped on a horse, and I did it on my own sweetheart :’) Sadly we didn’t have a photographer but that was the only negative thing about today’s jumping. Woho!


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