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Inspiration or copycat?

I think it’s fun with fashion. I’m not some super fashionista-“Always-look-fabulous” kind of guy, but I do enjoy to dress up and look nice. I also think it’s so much fun to look at fashion, no matter male or female. But one thing I often get annoyed by, is the constant debate about copycatting.

In my opinion, it’s hard to be a copycat. A copy is a perfect clone of another person’s outfit, in my view. If you take inspiration from certain garments or wear the same shirt once, that’s not copycatting. Let me give you an example.


Here we have Jennifer Lopez and Brooklyn Decker sporting the very same Michael Kors dress. This is what I would classify as a copycat, because they both wear the exact same dress, pretty much in the exact same way.

Here we see Demi Moore and Ciara. How about this then? Well, I don’t think this is copycatting. It’s not the same dress, although they are similar. They’re also styling it differently. This is taking inspiration from another, but in my view this is not copycatting.

What makes me irritated is that people seem so see inspiration as something bad. Why’s that? In the end, if we don’t make all of our clothes ourselves, we have to buy from brands. We have to be in some way or another influenced from what other people think about fashion, because they’re the ones creating it. Plus, how fun isn’t it to look what others are wearing, thinking about what you like and how you could incorporate that into your own style? I’m a frequent drooler on the pinterest “men’s fashion” category, and I have no shame in that. So many men clothes that I would have nothing against having in my closet! What’s wrong with that?

And if you, just as me, is stuck to just look at fashion but can in no way afford it, I have two things to say:

1. Pretty much no-one can afford the stuff walking on runways. However, there are cheaper brands that take inspiration from the runways, or you can ofc DIY!

2. No one wears the stuff that actually goes down the runway, I mean they’re SO unrealistic and avant garde that no-one could ever wea-


What I wanted to say, long story short, is that there’s nothing wrong with taking inspiration from the runway, celebrities or just ordinary people. You can pretty much never copycat anyone unless you do it intentionally, so stop worrying and go WILD with your fashion!

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So just a few minutes ago I registered myself as a donor. This means that when I die, if my organs are in shape enough, they will be used to save others. I chose the option to allow both transplantation and scientific research.

To be honest, I’ve thought about this for quite some time, but wanted to wait until I was 18 to register. It was super easy, just fill in three little things and it will be fully registered and confirmed in a few weeks. I’m also planning on grabbing a little card and have in my wallet, to be extra sure. I think it’s a great thing! I mean, when I’m dead I have no use for my body, and I couldn’t care less if one organ was missing when I got cremated. (Yes I’m one of those people who wants my ashes spread) If one part of my body could be used to save someone else, I truly want that to happen.

What’s your opinion on the whole donation thing?

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Mr. Adam Lambert

I’ve now had this blog for little over a week. It’s strange, blogging, but I kinda like it. One thing, or rather person, who has already had quite a lot of space here, is Adam Lambert. I thought I would give a little more explanation to why.

Almost two years ago, I was in some serious mess. My life was a turmoil and although I didn’t think far too much about it at the time, I was very down and had some really hard blows in my direction. Long story short, it wasn’t fun. At the time I was more of a rocker, didn’t admit to listening to anything outside my punk/rock scene, but was rather satisfied anyway. One day I heard this great tune on the radio. It wasn’t new, I’d heard it a million times before, but it was catchy at the time and I sang along to the radio. I decided that I wanted to hear it again, so I spent some time on youtube. I listened to it again and again, and it stuck. Guess three times which song it was.

Youtube has this great little feature that recommends other videos. I saw another one by this Lambert dude, called “For your entertainment”. I clicked it, and that was the seal of my faith. I was stuck. Staring at my screen, replaying, learning the lyrics, dancing, replaying some more. I started google:ing, reading more about this man. I listened to more of his music, found one song after one. Just a few weeks after first finding him, I was obsessed. I got myself a Twitter in September/October that year and after that it’s been a roller coaster ride, truly. I started out as a shy teenager with a love for a powerful singer. I’m now a confident, outgoing and happier man with an endless love and adoration for the most inspiring man in the world.

Adam has taught me so much about life. He’s taught me that the friends that are worth fighting for, are the ones that you should really take care of. The ones who really don’t do you any good are not worth spending time on. They’ll only take your time and energy, and it’s not worth it. He’s also taught me that it’s nothing bad to be friends with people that perhaps are a bit unexpected. Everything from someone that’s majorly different from yourself, to your ex. It’s your life, and you decide which people to keep. He’s taught me a lot about music, both purely educational things, but also how genres are boring, and that you should love whatever you want to love. There are no borders. He’s showed me some of the most amazing music, but also things I don’t like. That’s fine with me too. He’s taught me about theater, the music business, being famous, having fans and having a career. He’s shown sides of himself that few celebrities show, and I adore him for it. He’s taught me that the only way to make things happen, is to make them happen. Life’s all about taking opportunities, creating your own path and fight your own challenges. If you have a goal, you have to work for it.


Most importantly though, and the thing I adore the most about Adam, is the way the teaches people to love themselves. Myself included. Without him, I’m positive I wouldn’t feel this good about myself and who I am, how I look, etc. I know now, that I’m beautiful just the way I am. I don’t need to be perfect, I don’t need to care what others think about me. As long as I really am the person I am, I should be happy. Adam makes people feel loved. By him, by the other fans in the fandom, by the Glamily, and most importantly by yourself.

If I ever get to meet him, I just want to say one thing to him.

Thank you.


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Having animals, a sacrifice?

I think most people either have, or have had a pet. The most popular ones are probably cats and dogs. We all know the typical question, “are you a cat person or a dog person?” (I’m a 100% dog person) But is it a sacrifice to have animals?

Let me explain myself. I don’t mean that it’s a huge burden to have animals. The opposite in fact, everyday is brightened up by a little animal friend. Me myself have 3 dogs and 2 horses, but I’ve had as many as 6 dogs in the same time. All of them being big, long haired German shepherds. What I mean however, is that being a pet owner sometimes actually does take some sacrificing.

For example, a long vacation is no longer on the map. Sure, some people arrange for others to take care of the animals, but I could never personally do this. Yes, I leave my animals with my family at home when I go somewhere, but I would never put them into some sort of “day care” or similar. If I get an animal, then it’s my responsibility and I’d be too paranoid to have them anywhere else than home.

You also have to plan your days around your animals. A cat, for example, needs food a few times per day. A dog needs walks. A horse needs exercise, and so on. Having 16h work days and whole nights partying doesn’t go too well together with pets.

Also, it is a pretty decent cost to have animals. They need food, insurance, from now and then medical treatments and so on. It adds up quite a lot. A guinea pig may be cheaper than a horse, but they both cost, especially if they get ill.


However, nothing of that even comes close to having your loving, warm little pet with you, every day. I wouldn’t trade my animals for anything else in the world.IMG_8830 Cosen

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Following your dreams

I’m a dreamer. I’m one of those people who think big, who have enormous visions, and live to fulfill them. At the same time I’m a realist, and I almost never set goals that aren’t actually achievable. Some of them requires a lot of work and some of them will never actually be fulfilled, but that doesn’t make them less important. I believe that in order to progress in life, you have to take risks.

I’ve always been a good student. Top grades, high attendance (except from illness) and committed. I’ve been asked how I have so much motivation, how I’m able to study as hard as I do. I will never be able to explain how I do it, but I manage to keep myself very self motivated. When most people would give up, I work through it. I have to. I’m probably going to be one of those people who work their ass off for a low salary, just to do what they love. It’s all about having dreams, and goals, and be sure to work towards them.

Now you may think that I have a very set goal for my education. I really don’t, actually. I have some general things that I want to do, as for example get a good grade in a certain subject. I also have the ambition to study in the US in a few years. I have a few general guidelines of what I’d like to study, but I’m far from set on something yet. I have a broad perspective, and always try to look at other ideas, possibilities. As said, I’m a realist. My absolute dream would be to study, work and live in New York. Sounds awesome, and it may happen, who knows, but I also know that it isn’t an easy choice. It’s expensive, and it’s a lot of competition. Does that make it less motivating? Absolutely not.

I believe that if you want to achieve something, you have to make it happen. It’s not going to come to you, you have to create your opportunities. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. A career and life itself, is a constant fight. That may sound unappealing, but it really is just about putting an effort into making things happen.

Sometimes things won’t go as planned. All our dreams won’t come true. But if you really work for it, try your hardest, then you will at least reach the ones that make you happy. So, how unrealistic they may be, follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. But if you don’t ever take risks, how fun is life going to be?


Photo by Josh Libatique

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How necessary is a healthy lifestyle?

We’ve all seen it. Media tells us we shouldn’t eat that, we should eat that, and we should absolutely loathe that. We should avoid carbs, keep track of the calories, cleanse, don’t eat too much salt, don’t drink sodas, eat more vegetables, eat less meat, juice, eat more fat, don’t eat snacks, and god forbid if you even thought about eating that piece of cake. There’s a bunch of programs on the matter, everything from “biggest looser”, “you are what you eat”, “I used to be fat”, and the list goes on. We’re constantly fed how wrong it is to eat certain things, that we should work out more, that we should weigh and look a certain way, and if you don’t, then you’re someone with a bad discipline and something is obviously wrong with you.

But is it really?

That we all need to exercise and eat other things than only McDonald’s fries, that we know. ¬†We don’t need a health coach to tell us that, it’s common sense. However, what disturbs me is the hysteria around it all. People count their calories as if their life depends on it, and they have to avoid certain things because it is just too unhealthy. They keep a daily track of their measurements, their BMI, everything that can give them a perspective on how well they’re doing, how good they are. How healthy they are.

To me, that’s just insane. Of course, 6000+ calories a day isn’t good for your system, we all know that. But that pasta salad with your favorite dressing really won’t kill you. I promise. As long as it is on a reasonable level, I think we should all eat whatever the hell we want. If you want to eat dressing to your meal, then do that. If you want to eat nutella for breakfast, then do. (I can assure you it’s an AWESOME way to wake up! Every day feels better with some lovely nutella to start it off) Cleansing is good once in a while, and yeah perhaps we shouldn’t eat 5 bags of popcorn at once. But if you happen to do so one night, who the hell cares? Sometimes we’re hungrier than other times, sometimes we crave for something specific, sometimes we just have to eat something to comfort ourselves. Sometimes we may just wanna treat ourselves with something tasty. I really can’t see anything wrong with that.

So please, you don’t have to count your calories or feel bad for having that piece of cake. In the end, you only live once and you shouldn’t stress yourself to death. As long as it is on a reasonable level, feel free to eat whatever you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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27 Degrees!

Holy moly it’s hot today!

Most Swedes are either on the beach, at work or dying inside right now. You see, we happen to wish for summer all year, until it actually gets warmer than 25. Then it’s just boiling the poor little swedes.

I happen to hate swimming, so you’re not going to find me on the beach. However, you will find me outside. Because, hello(!) it’s finally SUMMER!!

Enjoy the heat while we have it!

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Part time vegetarian?

In May I got some new friends through a volunteering thing I did. Most of these people are vegetarian or vegan. Myself being a carnivore, I was positively surprised that their food tasted so good. I’ve always thought that vegetarians ate lettuce and sand-tasting beans. After that weekend I realized that there is actually food that is highly edible without killing animals in the process. (Yes, I’m a bit slow sometimes.)

A few weeks after that I got served some amazing salads by a friend, that had some really interesting and new-to-me ingredients. Once again I was very positively surprised.

So, after some weeks of consideration I’m now a part time vegetarian.

How can you be a part time vegetarian, you may ask yourself. It’s alright, I asked myself that question too.

In general terms, that means that I eat vegetarian everywhere except at home. I still live with my family, and meat is a factor in all dinners in my house. I don’t feel like demanding to get special food, and I know I’m very sensitive to having too little of different minerals, vitamins, proteins etc in my system. However, whenever I cook myself, eat at a restaurant, order food, eat in school or go to a friend, I now eat vegetarian. I think it’s a pretty fair little system I’ve invented, because it is a nice “half way” solution.

The goal is to go fully vegetarian when I move out, but as for now, I’m happy and satisfied and feel great. I have to admit I have one dish that is my exception to these rules, and that’s Sushi. It’s my all time favorite dish and I couldn’t live without it, so that one stays.

I realize I’m all over the place, sorry. My mind usually works that way. What I wanted to actually say with this post is that I think that you shouldn’t be afraid to cross borders, and find something that works for you. You don’t have to be a die hard vegan, find something that works for your lifestyle, body and mind, and then stick to that for however short or long period that you want to. In the end, it’s your stomach and no one else should tell you what to fill it with. (Except if you eat humans, then you probably should be told what to eat or not. That’s not really healthy, dude)

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