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Here’s a video of my friend’s competition yesterday. Her pony is really young and inexperienced, so I think they made an awesome job! It had been raining right before, meaning everyone crowded into the “riding house” (Haha my English vocabulary lacks a bit) and the pony got a bit overly excited. You can spot me with the camera in the beginning, doing my duty and taking some photographs of the equipage. 🙂

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I’m back!

Sorry that I haven’t been posting for two days. I’ve been busy! Yesterday I got to drive quite some distance (almost 70km in one go!), we had guests and then I was off to a friend. Today, I’ve been grooming for said friend (In other words, I helped her out some when she competed her pony today), had another long drive and rode my own horse! 🙂 I’m really tired, so I will post about our jumping tomorrow. I actually got some footage so I’ll post that too.

So, I’m alive and well, and will get back properly tomorrow. See ya!


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Bareback in the forest

Bareback sunset ride, and my soul is smiling.


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Jumping record

Today I decided that it was time to jump my horse again. We set up a slightly different type of obstacle, that worked very well for both me and my horse. Within 5 jumps we were up to our previous height, and I decided to put it up a bit more. The end result was that we today jumped a meter! That is in my standards very, very high. I’m super happy because this is the highest I’ve ever jumped on a horse, and I did it on my own sweetheart :’) Sadly we didn’t have a photographer but that was the only negative thing about today’s jumping. Woho!


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Having animals, a sacrifice?

I think most people either have, or have had a pet. The most popular ones are probably cats and dogs. We all know the typical question, “are you a cat person or a dog person?” (I’m a 100% dog person) But is it a sacrifice to have animals?

Let me explain myself. I don’t mean that it’s a huge burden to have animals. The opposite in fact, everyday is brightened up by a little animal friend. Me myself have 3 dogs and 2 horses, but I’ve had as many as 6 dogs in the same time. All of them being big, long haired German shepherds. What I mean however, is that being a pet owner sometimes actually does take some sacrificing.

For example, a long vacation is no longer on the map. Sure, some people arrange for others to take care of the animals, but I could never personally do this. Yes, I leave my animals with my family at home when I go somewhere, but I would never put them into some sort of “day care” or similar. If I get an animal, then it’s my responsibility and I’d be too paranoid to have them anywhere else than home.

You also have to plan your days around your animals. A cat, for example, needs food a few times per day. A dog needs walks. A horse needs exercise, and so on. Having 16h work days and whole nights partying doesn’t go too well together with pets.

Also, it is a pretty decent cost to have animals. They need food, insurance, from now and then medical treatments and so on. It adds up quite a lot. A guinea pig may be cheaper than a horse, but they both cost, especially if they get ill.


However, nothing of that even comes close to having your loving, warm little pet with you, every day. I wouldn’t trade my animals for anything else in the world.IMG_8830 Cosen

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Jumping my horse

Yesterday evening, I decided to jump my horse for the first time in forever. I’m not really good at jumping and will probably never be, but I think it’s very important for both me and the horse to get some variation, and it is pretty fun! My horse behaved wonderfully most of the time, and thought it was very funny. I don’t like to jump too high, but in the end we jumped around 80cm and I settled for that. (However you can see on my face that I was terrified half of the time, haha!) Here are some pictures!

DSC_4791 DSC_4792 DSC_4798 DSC_4817 DSC_4838 DSC_4839 DSC_4841

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