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Healthy breakfast

As I mentioned the other day, I usually eat Nutella for breakfast. Well, I finished my jar a few days ago so I had to go healthy. I figured I could just as well show you!

I used one banana, about 1.5dl of blueberries and about 4dl of milk. You may have to add a bit more milk depending on the texture. Just mix then in a mixer, and you get about three glasses of a super tasty and healthy breakfast! It could feed two people but if you really want to have it as a breakfast on its own, it’s a 1 person recipe. Good luck and good morning!


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Blueberrie season!

This afternoon I got a sudden urge to pluck blueberries. What this came from, I have no idea. Said and done however, a few minutes later me and my dog walked through the forest on the hunt for the little blue ones. About an hour after walking in, we came half running out, probably around a minute from being killed by bugs, flies, mosquitoes and tics. However, the result was about a liter of berries.


Shortly after that, I decided that a pie was the only true way to go. So, pie making began.

bild (1)

Adding the dough.

bild (2)

Halfway there!

bild (3)


bild (4)

If you want to recreate this amazing pie, here’s a recipe:

The recipe is for 4-6 people. (Or if you eat like me, two)

  • 125 g butter
  • 3 dl flour
  • 1 dl sugar
  • 4-5 dl blueberries
  • Potato starch

Put your oven on 200-225 degrees. Mix the flour and sugar in a bowl. Divide the butter into cubes and grind it gently into the flour mix, until it is a crumby dough.

Butter up a “plate”, about 25 cm in diameter. ¬†Mix in some starch and sugar with the berries. Put the berries in the plate. Then distribute the dough over the berries, and put it in the over for about 20 min.

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