The best birthday gift…

I promised you guys to show the best gift I got for my birthday. I did get a lot of money (that said swosh right past me and ran into my license bills, haha!) but this one was very special to me. Not only did I get it from my fucking amazingly talented boyfriend (who drew it himself!), it’s also Adam. And I mean, hellooo. My man knows me very well, kay?

I got this both as a file (or 5 ;)) and also as an iPhone casing. Very special, and very, very awesome. Once again, Thank you my dearest Sebastian!



I also want to link you all to an awesome gift I got from a close friend of mine, Xia. I mean, how many peeps do you know who have their own fanfic, where they are included? IKR, like no-one. So go read it! –> A Plausible Explanation

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2 thoughts on “The best birthday gift…

  1. gisbornesboy says:

    I am still so happy you liked it. Worked on that for a whole, then left it be because I figured you’d hate it. Then worked on it again… So I’m very happy. ❤

    • I don’t like it, I LOVE it! You’re so talented, Adam means so much to me, and it’s a perfect gift for me. I’m so happy and I couldn’t say “Thank you” enough! ❤

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