The day after

Now I’m back to business!

Yesterday was so much fun. I got some awesome gifts (mostly money for my driver’s license) and had a lunch-party things with some relatives and a friend. Good food, awesome cake and a lot of champagne. The rest of the day was spent playing TP with the family and eating more cake. Long story short, I’m happy and content! I’ll post a picture of one of the pressies later on, because it deserves an entry to itself.

Today I slept half the day away (haha). Apart from that I’ve spent some time going through all our cooking books, trying to find some fun new recipes to try. I’ve never cooked vegetarian before so I need inspiration! (If you happen to have an awesome recipe, feel free to share!)

The time remaining of my summer break (a month) will be spent on the horses, getting my driver’s license, studying (I have a huge essay to write), cooking, DIYing and enjoying the sunshine, of course! I’ll get back to posting a bit more here again, but as you may have understood I’ve been a bit busy these last couple of days 😉

See ya soon!


(Look who’s popular, haha!)


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