How to build a portfolio

I’m very interested in photography. I bought myself my first camera back in 2008, and after a few years I got a more advanced one. That one has stuck with me through everything from snow storms to sticky Asian spring. I thought I would give my thoughts on how to build a portfolio! Keep in mind that I’m not professional in any way, I do this as my hobby and has never made more than a few bucks from it. But if you want to showcase your work, a portfolio is a must.



First of all, you need to learn you camera. With this I don’t mean you have to know exactly how to set things and always shoot manually. What I mean is to learn your angles, where focus will be, how the white balance is and similar things. Nothing really complicated. Be sure to choose a lens that fit you too, no use to buy a 50mm if you want to photograph birds.

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Secondly, you pretty much need to bring your camera wherever you go. The key to getting good photos is to take them. I’ve had days when I’ve taken over 2000 shots. Photograph everything, and you’ll both learn the camera, but also what you actually like photographing. Finding a niche is really important if you want to be successful.


Don’t be afraid to try new things. My favorite thing in the world is to photograph huge cities with all the architecture and angles. However, I live on the country side. So I have to try other things, and work with that. It will also broaden your portfolio. Even though you have a niche, it’s good to see that you CAN do other things as well.

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Most importantly though, have fun! Photographing is an art form. It takes time to master, and a lot of patience if you want to get successful. Make sure you enjoy it and have fun!

You can check out my portfolio here –> Alexander Morner Photography


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4 thoughts on “How to build a portfolio

  1. Julia says:

    kom och gör en photoshoot med mej då bitch <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

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