I can’t believe it


This is completely beyond my comprehension. I have never in my life gotten so much love, support and compliments in just a few hours. It’s really surreal to me. I’d like to call this the Adam Effect. He has thrown my world around yet again, just by being him and collecting this beautiful bunch of people into one big, wonderful Glamily. I’d like to thank everyone that has shared my post, and who has tweeted it to Adam. I’ve shared it with him once, I can’t do more self-promoting than that, but I really do appreciate it that people have been tweeting him the link. It would mean so much to me if he got to see it. I have no expectations, it was written purely as a self processing thing, but of course I’d be over the moon if he got to see at least a little peek at how much he means to me.

Thank you, everyone. I could never have gotten this kind of response in another fandom. Adam’s is the only one where I truly feel appreciated and loved, even by complete strangers, because Adam teaches people to love.

You know, he’s amazing like that.



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