Cord pimp DIY

A few days ago I saw this great little project on one of my favorite blogs, I spy DIY. It got me inspired, and yesterday I did my own version. I think it’s an awesome way to brighten up your day, a pop of color. Plus, in my case it also saved my cord which is starting to fall apart.


So you start with a cord of your choice. I decided to pimp my iPhone charger.


Get yourself some tape, and a pair of scissors. I only had electric tape, but I’d say it doesn’t really matter what kind of tape you choose as long as it’s well, tape.


How hard could it be? Just wrap it around your cord in some kind of pattern or something. I decided to do it in this way, but that’s just my cord. Let your own imagination flow on this one.


And just like that, you’re done! Took me about 20 min, and the result is fun, and practical. Great little project, in other words.




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