Having animals, a sacrifice?

I think most people either have, or have had a pet. The most popular ones are probably cats and dogs. We all know the typical question, “are you a cat person or a dog person?” (I’m a 100% dog person) But is it a sacrifice to have animals?

Let me explain myself. I don’t mean that it’s a huge burden to have animals. The opposite in fact, everyday is brightened up by a little animal friend. Me myself have 3 dogs and 2 horses, but I’ve had as many as 6 dogs in the same time. All of them being big, long haired German shepherds. What I mean however, is that being a pet owner sometimes actually does take some sacrificing.

For example, a long vacation is no longer on the map. Sure, some people arrange for others to take care of the animals, but I could never personally do this. Yes, I leave my animals with my family at home when I go somewhere, but I would never put them into some sort of “day care” or similar. If I get an animal, then it’s my responsibility and I’d be too paranoid to have them anywhere else than home.

You also have to plan your days around your animals. A cat, for example, needs food a few times per day. A dog needs walks. A horse needs exercise, and so on. Having 16h work days and whole nights partying doesn’t go too well together with pets.

Also, it is a pretty decent cost to have animals. They need food, insurance, from now and then medical treatments and so on. It adds up quite a lot. A guinea pig may be cheaper than a horse, but they both cost, especially if they get ill.


However, nothing of that even comes close to having your loving, warm little pet with you, every day. I wouldn’t trade my animals for anything else in the world.IMG_8830 Cosen

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2 thoughts on “Having animals, a sacrifice?

  1. kayuk says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

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