How necessary is a healthy lifestyle?

We’ve all seen it. Media tells us we shouldn’t eat that, we should eat that, and we should absolutely loathe that. We should avoid carbs, keep track of the calories, cleanse, don’t eat too much salt, don’t drink sodas, eat more vegetables, eat less meat, juice, eat more fat, don’t eat snacks, and god forbid if you even thought about eating that piece of cake. There’s a bunch of programs on the matter, everything from “biggest looser”, “you are what you eat”, “I used to be fat”, and the list goes on. We’re constantly fed how wrong it is to eat certain things, that we should work out more, that we should weigh and look a certain way, and if you don’t, then you’re someone with a bad discipline and something is obviously wrong with you.

But is it really?

That we all need to exercise and eat other things than only McDonald’s fries, that we know.  We don’t need a health coach to tell us that, it’s common sense. However, what disturbs me is the hysteria around it all. People count their calories as if their life depends on it, and they have to avoid certain things because it is just too unhealthy. They keep a daily track of their measurements, their BMI, everything that can give them a perspective on how well they’re doing, how good they are. How healthy they are.

To me, that’s just insane. Of course, 6000+ calories a day isn’t good for your system, we all know that. But that pasta salad with your favorite dressing really won’t kill you. I promise. As long as it is on a reasonable level, I think we should all eat whatever the hell we want. If you want to eat dressing to your meal, then do that. If you want to eat nutella for breakfast, then do. (I can assure you it’s an AWESOME way to wake up! Every day feels better with some lovely nutella to start it off) Cleansing is good once in a while, and yeah perhaps we shouldn’t eat 5 bags of popcorn at once. But if you happen to do so one night, who the hell cares? Sometimes we’re hungrier than other times, sometimes we crave for something specific, sometimes we just have to eat something to comfort ourselves. Sometimes we may just wanna treat ourselves with something tasty. I really can’t see anything wrong with that.

So please, you don’t have to count your calories or feel bad for having that piece of cake. In the end, you only live once and you shouldn’t stress yourself to death. As long as it is on a reasonable level, feel free to eat whatever you want and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


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