Part time vegetarian?

In May I got some new friends through a volunteering thing I did. Most of these people are vegetarian or vegan. Myself being a carnivore, I was positively surprised that their food tasted so good. I’ve always thought that vegetarians ate lettuce and sand-tasting beans. After that weekend I realized that there is actually food that is highly edible without killing animals in the process. (Yes, I’m a bit slow sometimes.)

A few weeks after that I got served some amazing salads by a friend, that had some really interesting and new-to-me ingredients. Once again I was very positively surprised.

So, after some weeks of consideration I’m now a part time vegetarian.

How can you be a part time vegetarian, you may ask yourself. It’s alright, I asked myself that question too.

In general terms, that means that I eat vegetarian everywhere except at home. I still live with my family, and meat is a factor in all dinners in my house. I don’t feel like demanding to get special food, and I know I’m very sensitive to having too little of different minerals, vitamins, proteins etc in my system. However, whenever I cook myself, eat at a restaurant, order food, eat in school or go to a friend, I now eat vegetarian. I think it’s a pretty fair little system I’ve invented, because it is a nice “half way” solution.

The goal is to go fully vegetarian when I move out, but as for now, I’m happy and satisfied and feel great. I have to admit I have one dish that is my exception to these rules, and that’s Sushi. It’s my all time favorite dish and I couldn’t live without it, so that one stays.

I realize I’m all over the place, sorry. My mind usually works that way. What I wanted to actually say with this post is that I think that you shouldn’t be afraid to cross borders, and find something that works for you. You don’t have to be a die hard vegan, find something that works for your lifestyle, body and mind, and then stick to that for however short or long period that you want to. In the end, it’s your stomach and no one else should tell you what to fill it with. (Except if you eat humans, then you probably should be told what to eat or not. That’s not really healthy, dude)

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4 thoughts on “Part time vegetarian?

  1. Sam says:

    Sometimes people ask me what I think about “fake vegetarians” who say they are vegetarians but still eat chicken or fish or the occasional steak or whatever. I always answer that it’s waay better to be part vegetarian than to be a full-on carnivore. Doing a bit is always better than doing nothing, and for some reason the former get called hypocrites while the latter seem to get away with it. I think it’s a huge problem in society that you put the blame on people who are doing something (by telling them that they’re bad vegans/vegetarians/feminists/activists/environmentalists/whatever) when soo many people get away with doing nothing. So way to go Alex! You have my support 🙂

    • I agree completely! It’s weird to me that we blame the wrong people, whatever it may be. For example, it’s common that people get surprised when you recycle some things and not everything, but then they themselves put everything in the same trash can. Very well written comment, I have to say! 🙂

  2. Ani D says:

    I am in the same “limbo” stage as you! I am a college kid and when I came home for the summer, I couldn’t demand an absolute ban on meat. As a compromise, I eat white meat at home, but when I go back to school I am a pesce-vegetarian. It works out because I have gotten my family to also eat vegetarian 2-3 dinners a week and sometimes I can easily “vegetarian-ize” a meal for myself.

    • That’s awesome! I only cook vegetarian whenever I eat myself (usually at least 2 dinners/week) and as soon as I start school I will get vegetarian lunch. I honestly think it’s better with a solution that works for the individual, not the entire industry or something. In the end, I choose what to eat or not, haha!

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