Apps I can’t live without

Most people today own some kind of smartphone. I’m part of the iPhone crowd, and are, mostly, happy to be so. Apple is an interesting company, but I do like their phones. What I think is the best feature of smartphones is how much you can make it your own. Apart from sounds and background images, all smartphone users probably have at least 10-20 apps that they use regularly.

Or you know, can’t live without.

I’d thought it would be interesting to share which apps I can’t live without (or at least get very enraged when they don’t work. Uhm)

1. Twitter

Twitter is probably my most used app. It’s the first thing I check in the morning, the last I check at night, and about 200 times in between. I’m a total twitter addict and I’m not too ashamed of it. Sadly, the twitter app is known to have some troubles from time to time, and I can’t even count how many times I’ve cursed out the little thing for crashing on me. But all on all, it’s a great app and I couldn’t stop using it, even if I wanted to. (Not that I do)

2. Instagram

Most of us have Instagram. It’s a great way to show your images, and feel a bit cool adding some hipster filter to it. I usually don’t post too often, but I lurk often enough to always be updated on what’s happening anyway. (*cough* stalker *cough*)

3. Bloglovin

I’m a frequent blog reader, and Bloglovin is hands down the best app ever to keep them in check. Instead of having to check every single blog for new updates, this little app tells you when there are new posts, and you can read through the ones you find interesting. Doesn’t get much user friendly than that.

4. Facebook

I do mostly hate the facebook app, but I can’t live without checking my facebook from now and then. I don’t think it needs more explanation than that.

5. Pinterest

As I have mentioned about 100 times already, I’m in love with Pinterest. It’s a great site for getting DIY ideas, cooking recipes, or just looking at pretty men pictures. The app is user friendly and works well.

6. Sunny Seeds

Sunny Seeds is the only game on this list. I’m not the type that likes Candy crush or farmville, so this math game suits me perfectly. It’s really easy to understand, and highly addictive. Great little mind puzzle for the boring bus trip or the family gathering. (Don’t tell my grandma, I was totally checking my mail…)

7. Imdb

Can’t remember that actor’s name? Imdb is the reason I survive movie nights and TV-watching, as well as the source to my watch-list and general culture knowledge.

8. Splice

Splice is, as far as I know, a fairly unknown app. It’s great for video editing in your phone, no matter if it’s just cutting a little piece away or wanting to put up a video for youtube. It’s simple to use, and works perfectly. It’s not as the professional things you can find to your computer, but for everyday usage it’s hard to beat it.

9. PS Express

I’m one of those people who have a hard time living without photoshop. This little app is awesome for the basic, but from time to time needed editing. Plus you can add a rainbow filter, and who can live without that!?

10. UrbanDictionary

As a frequent (obsessed) twitter user, and non-native English speaker, UD is a must-have. You can find anything in this dictionary, with actual honest explanations. And of course, you can finally understand all that american slang that they barely understand themselves. (But don’t tell them I said that)


So, there we have it! 10 apps I can’t live without. Of course I use more than these, but I could probably live without them if I absolutely had to.


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